Beni Reali S.p.a.

Investing and extracting value in the Real Estate business has always been the objective of the Group since its foundation, which occurred at the beginning of last century, by the Sassoli de Bianchi family, once based in Bologna.

Beni Reali S.p.a was set up in 1998 committed to the development and trading of Real Estate assets. The recently created Company has a strong track record in dealing with matters concerning Real Estates, both in the residential and commercial space including the tertiary space.  The activities include the i) purchase, ii) development and iii) sale of single properties or iv)  the entire property’s portfolios. In fact, Beni Reali S.p.a can be considered both a buyer and or an investor; and has never taken the role of a broker.

Thanks to the lean structure of the Company, Beni Reali S.p.a can take decisions promptly. This has proven effective when market opportunities raised and acquisitions could follow swiftly.

Thanks to the acquired experience in the real estate sector and the ability to personalize the mandate as needed, the Group Beni Reali specialized itself, both in Italy and in Berlin, in the following activities:

  • Acquisition of real estate portfolios in one or more cities
  • Purchase of residential property, vacant or occupied and/or to be renovated
  • Purchase of building lots in urban areas
  • Purchase of tertiary income producing property
  • Purchase of commercial income producing property
  • Purchase of disused area or industrial buildings in major Italian cities’ urban areas
  • Development of partnerships to increase in value real estate portfolios